Lifted Weight Measurement Solutions

It is important to accurately measure lifted weights to ensure the safety and efficiency of your operation. Whether it is being applied for pull testing anchors and piles after installation or weighing any type of lifted load, Concept Measurement Inc’s Mass-Link will help you to determine the exact mass indiction. The Mass-Link can be used in specific applications such as utility transformers lifting by digger derricks, below the hook weighing for truck mount boom cranes or outdoor overhead cranes, or any other application requiring mass indication in an outdoor environment. Not only are our weight measurement tools accurate, they are also easy to read with customized data. 

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Whether your require lifed mass measurements for overhead cranes, truck mount boom cranes or pull testing anchors you require a tool that will provide accurate data. The Mass-Link is a tension load cell tool that can be used in many different applications and provide you with easy to interperate data, right to your smart devices.

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