Ensure Efficient Torque Driven Installation


Accurately measuring torque ensures the precise and efficient installation of piles and anchor bolts. Your operation can also benefit from utilizing a tool that provides information that can be customized and is easy to interpret. The Torq-Hub is a helical pile torque measurement tool that fits onto your anchor drive shaft, providing a lightweight and economical option for torque measurement.

Concept Measurement Inc’s Torq-Hub provides reliable and exact torque force measurements in either ft/lb or N-m, as well as pile/anchor inclination. CMI’s equipment offers the choice of long-distance wireless RF signals and shorter, more economical WiFi signals. Data through a wireless RF signal is sent to the handheld or machine-mounted display/data logger. WiFi signal options allow you to display data on our smartphone/tablet app (available on iOS and Android)

If you require a torque measurement tool, our Torq-Hub can be adapted for many different markets. Even though it has been designed for the utility (digger derrick) market, this product is a good fit for any drive with a “gimbal” (dual pin) mounting arrangement. Our torque monitoring and data logging device can replace the Kelly Bar Adaptor or mount directly onto drive head output shafts. 

The Torq-Hub is available in:

Hex Kelly Shaft Sizes

  • 2”
  • 2-1/2”
  • 2-5/8” 
  • 3”

Square Shaft Sizes

  • 4”
  • 75MM
  • 100MM

Torq-Hub Features

  • Options for all sizes and shapes of output shafts are available
  • Inclinometer included displaying pile insertion angle
  • All hex output shaft sizes are regular stock items at CMI
  • Wireless RF signal from Torq-Hub to handheld or machine mounted display/data logger or through WiFi directly to your smartphone or tablet with our free app (iOS or Android)
  • 2” ships with 5-1/4” & 7-5/8”. All others ship with 7-5/8 
  • The higher capacity 3” Hub ships with the larger 7-5/8” bolt circle
    • Also available 75MM square w/ 7-5/8 B.C, 4” square w/ 8-5/8 B.C and 100MM square w/ 8-5/8 B.C.
  • All Hubs ship with two battery packs, cigarette charger, display and mounts
  • Options available: external depth trigger, 110V wall charger
Download the free CMI Torq-Spool app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

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