Reliable and User-Friendly Torque Measurement

Ensuring helical piles and anchor bolts are correctly installed to provide structural stability is integral for your operation. Proper installation requires accurate torque monitoring and data logging. With CMI’s torque measurement tools, including our Torq-Hub and Torq-Spool, it is easier to measure torque and ensure proper installation. There is no more estimating or using inaccurate tools such as pressure gauges. Our torque measurement equipment is some of the most reliable and user-friendly products on the market, with wireless data displays and the option to customize data. 

US Patent # 8943904
New Zealand Patent # 617655
Canadian Patent Pending
Australia Patent Pending
Germany Patent Pending

Learn more about our torque measurement tools, the Torq-Hub and the Torq-Spool:


You don't have to rely on inaccurate tools like pressure gauges when installing piles and anchor bolts. With Concept Measurement's torque measurement tool the Torq-Hub you receive accurate and customizable data. Find out more about our Torq-Hub.

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Even with larger torque-driven installation projects, the Torq-Spool is reliable and provides easy to interpret data when installing helical and screw piles. Find out more about CMI's Torq-Spool and its features.

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