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We understand how frustrating it can be to use unreliable and inaccurate tools when installing piles or measuring weight. Concept Measurement Inc’s torque and lifted weight measurement tools provide precise and customized readings that make your job more efficient.

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The Torq-Hub is a lightweight and economical helical pile torque measurement tool that fits onto your anchor drive shaft. Easily transmit data through longer distance RF and shorter distance WiFi signals.
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A simple and cost-effective solution for measuring mass lifted by overhead cranes and other applications. Display the summed weight directly on your smartphone/ tablet with our app.
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A helical pile torque measurement tool that offers a flange x flange format – giving you the freedom to use your own anchor drive & pile adaptors. It is suited for larger (higher torque) installations.
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User-Friendly and Customized Systems

Not having the proper tools and relying on inaccurate equipment such as pressure gauges can leave you guessing if you are installing piles correctly. Even when it comes to lifted weight measurement, you want to ensure you have the most accurate readings. Torque and overhead mass measurement tools offered by Concept Measurement are user-friendly and offer customized readings. Using some of the most precise equipment on the market allows for a more efficient operation and a quicker turnaround.  Our exceptional customer service and warranties back our equipment. 

A Proven Record...

I strongly recommend Concept Measurement. Their software is superior and their customer service is over the top. I have dealt with Lauri, the team is very honest, knowledgeable and very helpful. We provide consulting and install helical piles. We used their pin torque and their hub torque. Both products are awesome! Free Spirit
Those Guys are awesome clean, organized and fast dependable service. Elden Friesen
If your thinking about using Concept Measurements Inc, I highly recommend them. Great customer service, knowledgeable and most of all they stand behind their product 100%. They truly know what "Customer Service" is all about. Jerome Hart

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Contact CMI

Contact the knowledgeable team at CMI. With our exceptional customer service, we can find the right measurement tool for you.


Finding the Right Tool

CMI takes the time to understand your operation’s needs, including delving into the make and model of the machines and piles you will be using to ensure our equipment will work effectively. 


Accurate Measurements

With the tools from CMI, including our Torq-Hub, Torq-Spool and Mass-Link, you will receive the most accurate measurements to make our job easier and more efficient.

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